Identity crisis OVER!

First of all, Happy New Year’s to IW and everyone else!

I apologize for having disappeared from the blogging sphere. It’s been half a year, and I do miss the community very much.

For the past few months, I’ve completely forgotten my purpose for blogging. I started to care about public opinion way too much that I treated blogging as a burden instead of a pleasure. So I wanted to start all over with I would say it’s a somewhat of a continuation of Kameipuru Syrup, except with a new focus and direction.

I’m really looking forward to blogging again, and it feels exciting to be back. :)


~Single Daizenshuu~ the Epic: Part I

I don’t even know how many months it’s been, but this DVD was truly worth the wait.

I’m going to review this concert differently than usual. I will comment on each single as it is, the performance itself, then rate it. Normal ratings are based on the average of 1) vocal performance/unity and 2) dance performance/unity on a scale of 0-10. <– That’s the number listed on the last bullet point of each section. Originally I had included “expression of emotion,” however, I decided that it was too subjective after much contemplation. The original ratings chart with all three categories will still posted at the bottom for comparison purposes.

Just keep in mind that the charts don’t tell you anymore than whether or not it’s a good performance, so even the top rated performance may be the least enjoyable to you. Original and new performance ratings chart, plus medley ratings chart are all posted at the bottom of this entry.

Ready? Here goes the longest review I’ve ever written:

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GO! GO! Ueno!

Spring 2008 Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

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Sighhhh, been lacking the motivation to blog about H!P…so I’m going to tell you a random story instead. (Eh
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Ines says:
省錢大作戰 says:
有耶 她很好笑喔
省錢大作戰 says:
她才兩歲阿 昨天她叫明宏哥哥講故事給她聽
省錢大作戰 says:
Ines says:

省錢大作戰 says:
哥哥就講阿 先去毛毛蟲家 還有蜘蛛的家住看看
省錢大作戰 says:
發現不適合 最後終於才找到適合的家
省錢大作戰 says:
省錢大作戰 says:



Toooooo cute.

There’s something about High-King…

Or perhaps there’s more than just something?

I questioned myself today: Why was I not as excited about this unit as I should have been? I do realize what great variety of members we have here: Leader Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume), Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume), Captain Shimizu Saki (Berryz Kobo), Leader Yajima Maimi (℃-ute), and Egg Maeda Yuuka. For those of us who are non-ReinAi haters, this is the dream team. We’ve got the big names of Wonderful Hearts all together on the same page.

So it must be first impressions, I thought, since the unit name didn’t help heighten my hype at all.

High-King, hiking, Lion King, Hong Kong? I’m not sure about you, but if I were a H!P unit and named High-King, I would probably… My level of expectation was fluctuating.

However, during the moment when I double-clicked to watch C\C’s PV, when its enticing, nearly addicting rhythm traveled to my ears – who knew? – I was completely blown away.
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Close-up: Before the concert began…

On May 24th, 2008,
Morning Musume held a concert in Taiwan for the very first time.

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