FujiKame: H!M Dokiri Wake-up Calls

Four members of Morning Musume are split into two pairs to play a prank wake-up call on all the Rokki members except Miki, of course, because she’s one of the room inspectors. Yossie and Mako-chan teamed up on Sayu, while Gaki-san and Miki teamed up on Reina (and succeeded in their prank rather beautifully).

(1) Now as far as FujiKame is concerned, Gaki-san and Miki are to take care of playing the prank on Kame at seven in the morning, however…

(2) The blanket’s almost off the bed!
(3) And the TV’s on! Plus, Miki found a hanger at the door lol.

(4) Kame’s definitely awake. Awake and afraid to reveal her messy hair (and room :D).
(5) Miki the Master and Kame the slave turtle. Miki playing with Kame’s hair. lol

(6) Suspicious item #1: A nearly empty luggage
(7) Suspicious item #2: Clothes from the day before, all laying wrinkly on the chair.

(8) Kame apologizing for her messy room. XD
(9) Miki pat. :)

(10) Then Miki discovers an important item on Kame’s bed…
(11) Eri Potter glasses!!

(12) Shy Kame. Chotto hazukashii desu ne. ^^
(13) Gaki-san/Miki: Why the heck did you wake up this early?! …Got scolded again.

(14) Miki fixing Kame’s hair. :)
(15) And Kame starts to fix it, too lol.

(16) At the end of the Dokiri, Miki makes fun of Kame once again. =p

P.S. I know I’ve been throwing random posts lately..it’s because I’m busy with school work. Starting tomorrow, my posts will get more decent as I’ll blog about recent stuff. Upcoming topics: AAA, Mikan, and Gaki-san’s 19th birthday. :]


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