Current blog title: Kameipuru☆Syrup

Old blog title: 藤亀の冷倉庫 (FujiKame no Reizouko)

Content: 85% H!P and 15% other fandoms (i.e. AAA). Under H!P, Morning Musume makes up the bulk of my posts.

Who am I? Ines (Aliases: Ines-chan, pandaguitarist, coffeemilk07). Born in Taiwan but moved to Montreal then Florida, now living in the land of Texas. Anticipating college soon. 95% of the time, I like artists for who they are and not necessarily how great they can be musically, though that’s always a plus. And if you have not yet figured it out, I have a very soft spot for the GoRokkies. Currently though, GAKIKAME rules my world of fandom, and it will probably remain that way for a lifetime (I hope wish). But you know how fandoms work.


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