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Sighhhh, been lacking the motivation to blog about H!P…so I’m going to tell you a random story instead. (Eh
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Ines says:
省錢大作戰 says:
有耶 她很好笑喔
省錢大作戰 says:
她才兩歲阿 昨天她叫明宏哥哥講故事給她聽
省錢大作戰 says:
Ines says:

省錢大作戰 says:
哥哥就講阿 先去毛毛蟲家 還有蜘蛛的家住看看
省錢大作戰 says:
發現不適合 最後終於才找到適合的家
省錢大作戰 says:
省錢大作戰 says:



Toooooo cute.


Highlights of the week. Spoilers ahead.


1. I do not know my own heart’s maximum capacity. orz.

To make the long story short, Niigaki Risa and Kamei Eri are now my current absolute top favorites in all of H!P.

Actually, a while ago when GAKIKAME started showing up everywhere and all during the same week, I had a feeling…just slightly, that they were both going to take over my world by doing something like…teaching me how to manage my money by securing their spots on the top of my list. (Do I have to go back and purchase all your past PBs? ^^;;

We’ll see how that turns out.

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100% Pure fangirling material

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現在超晚的 早就該睡了我。

這幾我天真的嫌到對明天的補考心裡完全沒有sense of awareness,
每天抱著一副 「平気平気!」 的心情度過了兩個禮拜、 差點累死。


嗯 還有最近老是在想一堆事,從大學到現在在台灣治療的媽。
啊啊 不知道她來的來不了畢業典禮。

媽不在Texas也快一年了。 超久沒被她念、有點不習慣…

反正剩下兩月 加油囉。

The Reason for my Coupling Craze ~ Part II ~ Momoko x Yurina

The OPV below is a visual summary of this post. As this is the last of the few OPVs I have created thus far, please enjoy. :]

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The Reason for my Coupling Craze ~ Part I ~ Introducing the Journey

Part I notes: I gotta get the theoretical stuff out of the way first, then we’ll journey through the fantastic world of couplings one step at a time. My hope is that the fantastic world of couplings (this series) will live up to the sweetness of the blog title. Just try imagining how sweet that would taste (the syrup I mean). *lame* ^^;
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