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~23rd birthday to Rika-chan!

^ Otsukare. ^^;

~5th anniversary of the Rokkies!

What a package of three. :3


2007 J-Pop Purchases

I never really followed any certain J-Pop artist until the summer of 2006, thus the year of 2007 was my huge transition from dorama actors/actresses to J-Pop. While my collection could never amount to Raid’s, I hope you’ll enjoy looking at the pictures anyway. =p


2007 calendar (present from godsister <3):

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AAA’s Future: Mikansei

I highly doubt AAA will face their end anytime soon. Despite the number of singles they have released, in the scope of the entire Japanese entertainment industry, AAA is still a new group with so much potential not to be underestimated. AAA’s future is still incomplete.

Rumors say that, by the release of the “AROUND” album, it’ll mark the end; finish off with a Best Album, and no more Triple A. I don’t think so. Take a look at dream. It’s got three websites [1][2][3]. dream officially began with three members: Mai Yui, and Kana. After a release of 13 singles and 3 albums, Mai left. Yu and Kana remained inactive until new members were added in a new audition. The 7-nin dream released 8 singles and 10 albums, plus 2 Best Albums. Just recently, I was checking Santos’ new blog, surprised to see dream off his list of links. I was wrong… What I had read on the list instead was “DRM.” Where would the link take me other than the new website of dream?

As I pondered dream’s redebut (of some sort) as DRM, I did also AAA’s future. Perhaps…who knows, right? Maybe AAA will go through a process similar to that of dream’s and redebut after releasing a Best Album? The time it is released could simply be the end of their contract with Avex. They’ve got a bright future ahead of them to start a new contract, though I’ll be honest in telling you that I am not at all near an expert when it comes to explaining how Avex works, so I should expect criticism as I have only made predictions.

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It all started with AAA

This was definitely love at first sight.

It all started with an issue of JUNON magazine, some interview about AAA’s latest single Shalala Kibou no Uta. Although I didn’t read too much into it, there was a little box on the page that attracted my attention. It talked about their first concert at Shibuya-AX and how well it had all turned out. Now, what had sparked my point of interest wasn’t the fact that their first concert had turned out well. It was more because of the microscopic picture of what seemed to look like singers holding hands together. AAA was my first serious J-pop fandom, so at that time, my knowledge of Japanese concerts was quite limited; everything was new and fresh to me. After doing a couple of searches online, I managed to find a good deal of info on the group and even got myself involved in an AAA-based fan forum called “ATTACK’d ALL AROUND,” where I now work as a staff uploading videos.

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High rock incident

There’s a reason why a suspension is a suspension and not a disbandment.

No matter how stupid the act which led to the suspension, Avex has the final authority to make decisions. I think it was stupid, but can I do anything about it? I will feel AAA-deprived just as I am Miki-deprived (still suspended from certain activities), I already have different opinions about this incident, but I’m pretty darn sure that AAA will return once the suspension is over. As of this moment, I’m indifferent to the online petition. I appreciate those who bravely took the stand to sign. I do because it’s thoughtful of them. However, it’s obvious that AAA will return eventually, so I choose not to take part because it won’t make a solid difference. Actually to be honest, I’m glad because they can finally get some rest from all the activities they’ve been participating.

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