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Identity crisis OVER!

First of all, Happy New Year’s to IW and everyone else!

I apologize for having disappeared from the blogging sphere. It’s been half a year, and I do miss the community very much.

For the past few months, I’ve completely forgotten my purpose for blogging. I started to care about public opinion way too much that I treated blogging as a burden instead of a pleasure. So I wanted to start all over with I would say it’s a somewhat of a continuation of Kameipuru Syrup, except with a new focus and direction.

I’m really looking forward to blogging again, and it feels exciting to be back. :)



~23rd birthday to Rika-chan!

^ Otsukare. ^^;

~5th anniversary of the Rokkies!

What a package of three. :3

Four in the morning?

What could be so important that’s prompting me to post it at this time of the day?

…Nothing really. lol I’ve been thinking about my blog title. Something’s not right. It’s either too long, or it’s got too many syllables. Plus, FujiKame’s been a legend since June. I’m not trying to deny the existence of FujiKame. *shakes head in disapproval* It’s just blog needs a name that will last through my blog life.

So…let’s go for “Kameipuru☆Syrup” LOL.

*Note the star that Eri uses 90% of the time. =p It’s replacing the Canadian flag on maple syrup cans! XD Jk, jk.

One last thing before I head to bed: My apologies for those who are going to change the old blog name on your blogroll. >__< You don’t have to do it though~

And happy 15th birthday to Micchi. :]


It struck me yesterday that I should make a post about Kamei Eri’s nicknames. Not simply because of what you think might be the reason lol, but because she has been nicknamed quite a number of times throughout the history of H!P. Let’s take a look at them:

Eri-chan (絵里ちゃん) // mostly used by Rika

Eririn (えりりん) // mostly used by Sayu and Japanese fans (also the most widely used according to herself)

Kame (カメ) // strictly for Gaki-san’s use only

Kame-chan (亀ちゃん) // named by Nacchi, used by Miki
Kameipuru (亀井プル) //recently named after her 5th photobook “MAPLE” (Ka-maple!)

Kyamei (キャメイ) // originated from Hello! Project Channel news, used by many at random times

Reina’s man // named and widely used by Chinese fans who favor the TanaKame pairing (but it’s just a bit…yeah lol)

Souchou (president) (総長) // named by herself, originated from Eric Kamezou’s Yankee episode, widely used by Chinese fans

So which do you refer to more often? I used to say Kame a lot, but now I’m fixed on Eri. Hopefully that was somewhat of an interesting post. lol

Inspirational ideas for future posts: K4 (origin and details), H!P couplings, and a great deal of FujiKame goodness. That’s it for now. 8D These will be enough to keep me going for months, especially with the addition of these extra upcoming posts.

Quick update: Upcoming posts

I’ll be busy, but hopefully you can look forward to the following list while waiting for my return? lol

In no particular order:

  • MM Brain Scan ‘07: JunJun & LinLin
  • Morning Musume DVD Magazine vol.13
  • Morning Days vol.1

As for GAKI-KAME, I will ask Sevii for permission to translate her Chinese translations into English. If she agrees, then I will start posting translations beginning with #016. If not, then I will quote some famous words from GAKI-KAME. XD Any suggestions for future blog series after MM Brain Scan is over? Any requests? :]

Rejoice, for it is born!

YAY. At last I have finished organizing this blog (in all sorts of my OCD-ways)!

This is literally an extention of my renewed old blog at wordpress. The blog content will cover almost anything from my personal life to informative research (?). lol So please expect to see all kinds of blog entries in the future. :] As for the blog’s title【藤亀の冷倉庫】, if you understand kanji or chinese (or if you know me), it should be easy to decipher. 藤亀 = a shorthand for Ines-chan’s favorite duo from H!P, Miki-sama and Kame-chan. 冷倉庫 = Refrigerator, implying Kame’s famous pronunciation mistake “refrigeeta” from HaroMoni’s English Academy.

P.S. Also, please expect to read posts in different languages, mostly English and Chinese with a touch of Japanese. ^^; 請多多指教!

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