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Sighhhh, been lacking the motivation to blog about H!P…so I’m going to tell you a random story instead. (Eh
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2007 J-Pop Purchases

I never really followed any certain J-Pop artist until the summer of 2006, thus the year of 2007 was my huge transition from dorama actors/actresses to J-Pop. While my collection could never amount to Raid’s, I hope you’ll enjoy looking at the pictures anyway. =p


2007 calendar (present from godsister <3):

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FujiKame: H!M 2007 Monomane Battle

Bringing back old memories from Hello! Morning.

(This is a slack post copied and pasted from my site because tomorrow is the SAT day for me ^^; )

Time has arrived for yet another spirited monomane battle! The only difference in this episode is, instead of participating in the battle, teams Rika x Sayu, Miki x Reina, and Ai x Koha compete against one another in answering questions. If a team answers correctly, it will then select any monomane listed on the board to be performed live. But there is always a surprise. Just as Miki x Reina selected a male comedian, Gaki-Kame appeared behind the curtains…

(1) Gaki-san: “(monomane subject) Fujimoto Miki touching another member’s thighs during a live concert.”
(2) Gaki-Kame: “Aruiteru~ shalala lalalala”

(3) And while singing, Eri begins to move her suspicious hand…
(4) …toward Gaki-san’s thighs. (@_@)

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This afternoon I finally had some free time to take it easy, so I pulled up Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol. 15 on my monitor. Sexy 8 Beat Concert. What comes to mind when you think of it? Images of the indigo opening, Genki+, purple costumes reminding me of Egao YES Nude, Yossie’s graduation, etc…all flashed through my mind in an instant. The last remainder of my photographic flashback is a familiar figure among the girls, and the last remainder of my audio flashback her nasal laugh and cynical voice; her Hokkaido dialect.

When the contents of this video began to unfold, I noticed that familiar figure standing to the side of the stage, waiting.

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DokiMiki Night #256 (070903)

I’m not going to translate everything (I can’t lol), but I will tell you something that none of us you might like to know. (^_^)

Question for Miki-sama: Can you rank the top three thighs you have touched? (Me: @_@ Oh, here we go again~)

A breakdown of her thigh explanation:

1 & 2. Ayaya and Ai-chan – “cute” (Miki: “ii ne ♥” XD. She even imitates the sound the thighs would make when she touches them, multiple times o_o)

Honorable Mention (?). Kame-chan – “Firm & BIG” (the sound she makes for Kame’s thighs is a must-hear *spasmatic nodding*)

3. Tanakachi – “Pan-pan” (LOL I don’t know how to translate it! Think of it as…a thigh that is made to be touched. Like bouncy thighs…oh gosh. ><; Stop trusting in my translations. They’re probably ALL WRONG. D: )

ANYWAY, the topic of thighs has been brought up again and again on DMN…more than four times if I remember correctly. You gotta agree that Miki-sama loves talking about butts as much as we fans love to know about her butt-groping experiences though. Sighh~ I wonder what she’ll talk about in the next show. :3

DMN quote of the day: “Aya-chan no oshiri wa…suki da yo. ♥

DMN #256.mp3 (credits to H!O Tracker)

<– GIF!!

<– Does it count? XD

Please get well soon!

Miki-sama scraped her knees pretty badly during futsal:

Current status: Miki-deprived


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