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The Reason for my Coupling Craze ~ Part II ~ Momoko x Yurina

The OPV below is a visual summary of this post. As this is the last of the few OPVs I have created thus far, please enjoy. :]

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Yurina’s 1st PB

Go fetch it, go fetch it! :]

『友理奈 熊井友理奈ファーストソロ写真集』

Quote from Hello! Project -Official Site-:

Berryz工房・熊井友理奈のファーストソロ写真集。 沖縄・東京・千葉でのロケで水着姿はもちろん、制服姿やスポーティな衣装などの多数のシチュエーションと、それぞれで見せる多彩な表情が満載。 天真爛漫な少女としてのカット、しっとりとした大人の雰囲気を漂わせるカットを織り交ぜ、成長過程にある少女の風景を切り取った作品に仕上がりました。




WOOHOO AGAIN. H!P has just been such a good buddy lately lol. Sigh~ despite Yossie’s graduation, Miki-sama’s retirement from Momosu, *and this one’s very important* less FujiKame moments, as well as both Tsuji and Kaorin’s pregnancy, I can look forward to this! And I’m very well looking forward to H!P 2007 Summer Concert, too. I was so excited listening to Onna ni Sachi Are from the fanrecording that my body kept shaking the whole time. XD Yes, it was colder than usual that day, but I was truly excited lol. Same feeling when watching the Sexy 8 Beat Concert, with Genki+ as the opening. Oh-so-hawt. :D Ah so anyway, my point is, CONGRATS! Kuma-san is getting her first PB soon! ♥

Berryz Koubou screencap story

中文版 )


(除了Maasa, 故事人格和實際人格完全無關!)

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