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The Reason for my Coupling Craze ~ Part II ~ Momoko x Yurina

The OPV below is a visual summary of this post. As this is the last of the few OPVs I have created thus far, please enjoy. :]

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女に 幸あれ ranks first @ Oricon


Congrats to Momosu for ranking first the FIRST DAY on the Oricon charts! Ines-chan is proud of them and thankful for the much desperation of Wotas. Couldn’t have climbed so high up on the charts past Otsuka Ai AND Hamasaki without those fans.

A graphic to commemorate this happy day:

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Side note: I’m in deep, DEEP desperation for Open Sesame vol. 17. It was released on July 17th, and I must somehow READ the volume before school begins!