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~Single Daizenshuu~ the Epic: Part I

I don’t even know how many months it’s been, but this DVD was truly worth the wait.

I’m going to review this concert differently than usual. I will comment on each single as it is, the performance itself, then rate it. Normal ratings are based on the average of 1) vocal performance/unity and 2) dance performance/unity on a scale of 0-10. <– That’s the number listed on the last bullet point of each section. Originally I had included “expression of emotion,” however, I decided that it was too subjective after much contemplation. The original ratings chart with all three categories will still posted at the bottom for comparison purposes.

Just keep in mind that the charts don’t tell you anymore than whether or not it’s a good performance, so even the top rated performance may be the least enjoyable to you. Original and new performance ratings chart, plus medley ratings chart are all posted at the bottom of this entry.

Ready? Here goes the longest review I’ve ever written:

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Highlights of the week. Spoilers ahead.


1. I do not know my own heart’s maximum capacity. orz.

To make the long story short, Niigaki Risa and Kamei Eri are now my current absolute top favorites in all of H!P.

Actually, a while ago when GAKIKAME started showing up everywhere and all during the same week, I had a feeling…just slightly, that they were both going to take over my world by doing something like…teaching me how to manage my money by securing their spots on the top of my list. (Do I have to go back and purchase all your past PBs? ^^;;

We’ll see how that turns out.

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The Voices of Morning Musume

Before I begin, please note that this post is completely spontaneous, and the couplings series will be continued soon. :] Just now, I decided to voice out some of my honest opinions about the current voices of Morning Musume.

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MM Live @ Ameba Studio 11/23/07

Let’s lighten up the mood (of this blog) by celebrating a belated Thanksgiving with a random screencap feast! Due to my excessive excitement though, I ended up taking a bazillion pictures of Eri and Ai, so please forgive me if you aren’t satisfied with the amount of Koha/Sayu/JunJun pictures… Also, since I’m not going to provide a synopsis, please remember to make a trip to Jordan’s blog for a summary of the live show!

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MM Brain Scan ’07: Koharu and Aika

Kusumi Koharu

Okie dokie. So the image of my brain scan does her no justice. The one and only reason that accounts for the one percent is, simply put, my growing passion for the other members. There’s got to be someone on the bottom of the list. I’ll be honest – I don’t feel very comfortable writing down my thoughts on Koharu because I still can’t get a grip on her personality. Perhaps I have never tried to “get to know” her more by doing some hardcore googling or running a 24-hr Hello! Morning marathon. I’ll even confess that I skipped most of Koha and Aika’s segment in HaroMoni@. Sadly, with all the H!P resources I have encountered, I am still unable to answer genuinely “how’s Kusumi Koharu like?” I can’t speak about her as much as I could about the other members. She seems to be quirky and a bit hyper…and mysterious. That means if Koha ever reveals a side of herself that catches a hundred percent of my attention, that would be when my brain scan shifts numbers.

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