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~Single Daizenshuu~ the Epic: Part I

I don’t even know how many months it’s been, but this DVD was truly worth the wait.

I’m going to review this concert differently than usual. I will comment on each single as it is, the performance itself, then rate it. Normal ratings are based on the average of 1) vocal performance/unity and 2) dance performance/unity on a scale of 0-10. <– That’s the number listed on the last bullet point of each section. Originally I had included “expression of emotion,” however, I decided that it was too subjective after much contemplation. The original ratings chart with all three categories will still posted at the bottom for comparison purposes.

Just keep in mind that the charts don’t tell you anymore than whether or not it’s a good performance, so even the top rated performance may be the least enjoyable to you. Original and new performance ratings chart, plus medley ratings chart are all posted at the bottom of this entry.

Ready? Here goes the longest review I’ve ever written:

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~23rd birthday to Rika-chan!

^ Otsukare. ^^;

~5th anniversary of the Rokkies!

What a package of three. :3

MM Live @ Ameba Studio 11/23/07

Let’s lighten up the mood (of this blog) by celebrating a belated Thanksgiving with a random screencap feast! Due to my excessive excitement though, I ended up taking a bazillion pictures of Eri and Ai, so please forgive me if you aren’t satisfied with the amount of Koha/Sayu/JunJun pictures… Also, since I’m not going to provide a synopsis, please remember to make a trip to Jordan’s blog for a summary of the live show!

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The Turtoise and the Hare

Call me an idiot, but I’ve never realized until a few minutes ago that Eri and Sayu = the turtoise and the hare. o__o It’s been about, what, seven months? I’ve always associated Sayu with Usa-chan peace and Eri with Kame, yet for some bizarre reason, this turtoise and hare thing never clicked. @__@ Now that I think about it, it’s really funny. And it sort of makes sense…sort of. lol

从*・ 。.・) 从* ^ー^)

The Curtain of Privacy

I wrote something in response to a forum discussion on Sayu’s narcisstic image, or so it seems.

I need to clear up two things: One, Sayu’s not who she tries to act like. If you’ve listened to Miki on DokiMiki Night and Ai-chan HaroPuro Yanen, you should know that she’s actually the exact opposite of what some of us call “annoying.” She’s selfless, mature, and I dare say maybe even serious. It bothers Miki that Sayu’s putting up a cute image when Miki knows that Sayu’s not like that at all, and Miki wishes she would stop. It bothers me sometimes, too, that Sayu rarely shows her true self, but you have to take the definition of “entertainment” into consideration here. She’s doing it for TV. Some fans like it, and it’s just bad news for the other half. Another thing is, what exactly do we know about Morning Musume behind the camera? When you read lengthy deep posts about them, the content will always be based on the materials available to us, VERY limited material. Limited material is good in the sense that it’s all we have, and we want to make the best judgment out of it. Limited material is bad in the sense that we often forget the lives of these members off the camera, and we cross the line between the on- and off-screen. We start to make dangerous assumptions because we don’t know everything.

I’m sure that all of us have already acquired the right mentality here. It’s just often times we forget that there’s more than what we see on TV off the camera – a curtain of privacy that we long to rip open, but should never.

MM Brain Scan ’07: Reina and Sayu

Tanaka Reina

When I used to look down on H!P, I really didn’t know a thing about Morning Musume except the fact that Tanaka Reina was one of them, the first H!P girl I ever “knew.”

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